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This is a place for you to leave any requests for prayer. These requests will be taken to morning prayer (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) for two weeks following the day they posted.

You are free to mention anything in your prayer, but if you refer to a person you know, please respect their privacy by using only first names, initials or descriptions.

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Comment by Jilian | 11-05-2013

Heavenly father do not delay to deliver me from my cruel husband who gives me mental torture which is now unbearable. Open his blind eyes to realise his sin of adultery, convict him to confess his sin. You know he takes all my earnings. His mother & sister support him to hurt me & my child. They give mental torture to my child. Father have mercy on us. Father you know I am all alone and have no support. I have hide my identity. Father please show me your WILL to take right decision, I am waiting for your answer since 2 years IJN Amen

Comment by anon | 05-05-2013

Please pray for E (friend of someone at CC) admitted to stroke unit in early hour of Sun am. Thanks

Comment by Ice | 05-04-2013

Please pray for my perseverance as I aspire to be a priest. and also for my parents

Comment by anon | 23-02-2013

Pray for Dorothy's family and friends

Comment by anon | 16-02-2013

Pray for everyone on half term holiday this week, particularly those who get to spend family time together, that relationships will be strengthened and those in need of rest will get it.

Comment by J | 12-02-2013

Please pray for Jon who is seriously ill

Comment by Anon | 09-02-2013

People who are hanging on by their fingertips at the moment - for whatever reason.

Comment by Anon | 02-02-2013

Please pray about the gay marriage bill this week man parliament.

Comment by Sara | 24-01-2013

Pray for Emma and family and Sam and Heather and families.

Comment by Sara | 14-12-2012

Pray for Jacquie, Jeremy, Sam, Rosie and Evie.