You and the PCC

14-06-2016 09:25 by Jeremy Follett

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) which, in conjunction with the Vicar, oversees all the mission and ministry of the church, and represents all those on the electoral roll. We are always eager to hear from you in one way or another. This can mean a simple conversation with one of the eight elected representatives, or writing a letter to the PCC Secretary. Alternatively you are allowed to attend meetings as an observer, although you cannot speak to the meeting without permission.

If you are ever planning to attend please do let the Secretary, Church Wardens or Jeremy know.

The dates for this year's meetings are:

In 2017 - 10th July, 4th September, 6th November

In 2018 - 8th January, 5th February, 5th March 





























































































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