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25-05-2019 11:15

>imprint< no.74

In this issue:

  • PCC Meeting, 13th May 2019 - p.1
  • The Day in May – Rev. Jeremy Follett - p.3
  • Reminders about our current Sermon series - p.4
  • Have you heard of SAT-7? - p.4

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27-04-2019 09:11

>imprint< no.73

In this issue:

  • Annual Church Meetings 7th April 2019 - pp.1-2

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28-03-2019 20:26

>imprint< no.72

In this issue:

  • A new look? - p.1
  • What happened at the 4th March PCC meeting? - p.1
  • Annual Report 2018 – Jeremy Follett - p.3
  • Something’s Missing – Anthony Harris (27 March 2019) - p.3
  • Zambia News – March 2019 - p.4
  • Sarah’s March update - p.5
  • A reminder about our current Sermon Series (Spring/Summer 2019) - p.6

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01-03-2019 19:49

>imprint< no.71

In this issue:

  • PCC meeting 4th February 2019 - p.1
  • News from Rachael Howson - p.2
  • Notes from Les Tourades – Felicity Hall - p.3
  • A Rocha centre visiting opportunities - p.4
  • Faith and Society - p.5

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18-01-2019 17:40

>imprint< no.70

In this issue:

  • Recent PCC meetings - p.1
  • Bible Comes to Life! Exhibition (CMJ) - p.3
  • Sermon Series for early 2019 - p.4
  • A Bible story from an unlikely source? - p.4

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07-12-2018 17:55

>imprint< no.69

Read news from A Rocha UK and International, updates from the Archers and the Brownes and a reminder of the Advent/Christmas sermon series

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03-11-2018 10:59

>imprint< no.68

This is an issue focusing on Global Mission to co-incide with the Global Mission Action Group (GMAG) Mission Month in November. Read the programme for the Mission Month, what GMAG does and more information about our Mission Partners

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27-09-2018 19:18

>imprint< no.67

Read about the discussions at the September PCC meeting; a reminder of the Autumn sermon series; news from Sarah Young, about her trip to Kenya; and more brain teasers from Seniors' group

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24-08-2018 14:38

>imprint< no.66

Read James' and Janet's final update from Burrswood, test yourself against the Seniors' brainpower and read more updates from Mission Direct in Zambia

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27-07-2018 09:00

>imprint< no.65

Read what happened at the July PCC meeting, a personal reflection on church growth and news from mission partners in Zambia.

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