Children & Families

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God is passionate about children and so we seek to convey his passion in all we do at Christ Church. Children are a gift from God and therefore we need to care for them effectively. We want to be seen as good stewards of all that God gives us. We believe that God not only wants children to know Him but to also experience Him so we encourage children to explore who God is as well as provide space for them to discover who they are. If we reach children at a young age and allow them to experience the goodness of God we believe in the wisdom of Proverbs which tells us when they are older they will not depart from that which they have learnt.

We aim to cater for the needs of all children aged 0-11 whilst also providing support for their families. We have groups that meet weekly on a Sunday where children can come together to meet with God in a safe environment. As we serve children within our church we also seek to serve those in our community and do this through weekly kids groups, schools work, Messy Church and seasonal family events.

tl_files/documentsmisc/kids and youth/becki chafe new pic.pngBecki Chafe is our Children & Families Pastor and she oversees and supports all our activities for 0-11s and their families both in church and in the community. She works alongside a fantastic volunteer team! Becki is passionate about seeing children encounter Jesus and staying in that relationship with him as they grow up. As well as running groups Becki is available to answer questions, offer prayer support, mentoring, home visits or anything else you may need (within reason!). Contact her on