PCC Dates and Members for 2017 - 2018

The Parochial Church Council (PCC), in conjunction with the Vicar, oversees all the mission and ministry of the church and represents all those on the electoral roll.

Ex Officio members of the council are currently:

Rev Jeremy Follett (Vicar)
Michael Thompson (Church Warden)
Kevin Vaughan (Church Warden)

There are three Deanery Synod representatives:

Meriel Dixon (also Diocesan Synod)
Brenda Everest
Anthony Harris

And eight selected representatives:

Becki Chafe
Paul Collis (Treasurer)
Claire Cooper
Clinton Elston
Jackie Kenealy
Dawn Kennedy
Pippo Mistretta
Kevin Vaughan (Secretary)

We are always eager to hear from you in one way or another.

This can mean a simple conversation with one of the above, or writing a letter to the PCC Secretary. Alternatively you may attend meetings as an observer, although you cannot speak to the meeting without permission.

If you ever plan to attend please do let the Secretary, Church Wardens or Vicar know beforehand.

The APCM will be held on Sunday 22nd April 2018